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Exploring Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Season 3, Episode 1

In this episode of the Safe Space podcast, Charlie Mullins from Companion Group joins Rosie to discuss Borderline Personality Disorder, better known as BPD. Whilst uncovering the common misconceptions about BPD, we discuss Charlie’s experiences with the disorder and how it’s affected his life, relationships and coping mechanisms.

Content Warning: In this episode there are non-graphic mentions of self-harm, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, drug abuse, overdose, emotional abuse and violence. Please proceed with care and remember you can pause the episode and step away at any time.

Charlie explains how getting a diagnosis can be bittersweet, and the path to recovery is often much longer than people anticipate. He talks about his support mechanisms, and what has helped him in his journey in the hopes of supporting other folks experiencing BPD or traits of BPD.

We chat about what the games industry (and beyond) can do to better support employees and gamers with mental ill health, such as borderline personality disorder, and the future of accurate representation of personality disorders in popular media.

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is the most commonly recognised personality disorder. It is a disorder of mood and how a person interacts with others. If you are having problems in your life as a result of difficulties with how you think and feel about yourself and other people, you might be diagnosed with a personality disorder.

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