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From a Game of Minecraft to a Best Man’s Speech with Alex King

Mental Health Month 2022

In this special episode of the Safe Space Podcast for Mental Health Awareness Month, Rosie talks to Alex King about his experience on Minecraft.

Alex is the Community Manager from Ripstone, a Level Up Partner. Alex and Rosie discuss the power of games communities, and in particular how Alex found his friendship group of 12 years through Minecraft. When Minecraft was still in it’s earlier days, Alex became part of a larger online Minecraft community. From co-op sessions, the group moved across other platforms and other games, and became life-long friends.

He has flights booked for later this month. After 12 years of friendship, he’ll soon be heading to Copenhagen where he’ll be the best man at one of the group’s weddings!

If anything, it shows just how much the world of gaming can change the trajectories of our lives in positive ways. Not only have Alex’s friend group been there through their gaming sessions, but also through major life events.

There is also a wasp related incident that occurs mid-recording so, um enjoy? Rosie was very frightened.

Who are Ripstone?

Ripstone continue to commit to positive change, with the mental health and well-being of their team always being their highest priority. They take immense pride in their anti-crunch culture and make efforts to ensure a positive balance of work and life across all of their studios.


Alex’s Twitter

Ripstone – Alex’s Story


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