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Games for Diagnosis in Thymia with Dr Emilia Molimpakis

Episode 9

In this episode of Safe Space, Rosie chats with Thymia CEO & Founder, and Neuroscientist working within the games industry – Dr Emilia Molimpakis.

We discuss how games can be used as a tool to assess and monitor mental health using theory from neuroscience, and how cognitive neuroscience and linguistics can be gamified to support clinicians. Emilia takes us through her app, which is a platform currently in testing supporting clinicians to more accurately assess and monitor depression.

Rosie and Emilia are smiling in front of a screenshot of a cafe scene from Thymia. The text reads 'using games to support diagnosis' with Dr Emilia Molimpakis

Emilia broadens the topic of Thymia by discussing it’s application to numerous cognitive disorders, and the potential future that technology like this can have within the clinical world.

We also note about how having objective measures of cognitive disorders can reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, as it levels the diagnosis that is seen within physical health.

What is Thymia?

The current pathways to diagnosing mental health are set in systems prone to subjectivity and bias. With no standardised ways to monitor patients at home, clinicians often struggle to keep up or dedicate enough time to their patients. What thymia is aiming to do is enable solutions to monitor the patient from their first visit to the clinician, all the way through til the end of treatment.

“We use video games based on Neuropsychology together with analyses of facial microexpressions & speech patterns to make mental health assessments faster, more accurate and objective.”

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