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Meet Benn Wiebe – Filmmaker to Change Advocate

Meet the Team

In this special episode of the podcast, Rosie talks to our new Strategy and Corporate Partnerships Officer; Benn Wiebe!

Benn has an incredibly varied and interesting career, from working on the Twilight film (!) to the United Nations. He talks about his passions in moving into the video games space, and actively pushing for positive change for topics such as environmental action and improved mental health support. These creative industries have the power to drive forwards positive change and make a real difference using a loved medium such as film or games.

Listen to the episode here.

About Benn Wiebe

Benn was a social impact strategist and producer who has lived across the US, Denmark, and the UK. As the executive producer of HF Productions Benn oversaw a global series of film festivals that champion vast perspectives and international narratives. He has advised or consulted for organizations across film and games including Netflix, The United Nations, Sony Pictures, Sybo Games, Count Us In, Vice Media, Yea! Impact, Global Environment Media, Climate Crisis Hub, and SIE Society. He is a member of the Television Academy of Arts & Sciences, Producers Guild of America, Playing for the Planet Alliance, and the IGDA Climate SIG.


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