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Navigating Poor Mental Health with RenjiPls

Episode 13

On this episode of the Safe Space podcast Rosie chats with Ambassador RenjiPls, who talks about his journey into mental health advocacy in content creation amongst a myriad of other topics.

RenjiPls dives into his mental health experiences with ADHD, depression and anxiety, how that fed into relationships, as well as his recent coaching with HealthyGamerGG.

How do creators start to talk to their community about mental health?

How do you create a safe and open space online whilst streaming?

'Navigating poor mental health' with RenjiPls.' is written in a pink cloud. There is a Pokemon Unite background with Zeraora and Decidueye behind Rosie and Renji in the front.

Renji talks about how he’s set boundaries and approached these conversations online, which originated in writing music for his band Ikari. Other topics include Halloween, TikTok humour, Vine era, business cards, wigs, TwitchCon… we cover a lot of ground in this podcast honestly, it’s a rollercoaster.

You can listen to our TwitchCon Panel which we reference here.

We talk about the coaching sessions he had with Healthy Gamer, including exploring his relationship with time and how past trauma has affected him behaviourally.
“[HealthyGamer] asked some of the most uncomfortable questions in the most respectful way”
It’s also important to note that one of the pieces of homework Renji was given from Healthy Gamer was to actually rest. If you’re reading this, please know that you deserve rest as well.
Find RenjiPls on Twitch here.


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