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The Life We Deserve: Unpacking A Plague Tale with Charlotte McBurney

Episode 20

In this episode, Rosie is joined by two guests; ‘A Plague Tale’ actress Charlotte McBurney, known for her role as Amicia, and Hannah Rutherford, content creator and Safe In Our World Patron.

We deep dive into both A Plague Tale Innocence and Requiem to uncover what goes into emotionally preparing for a character such as Charlotte McBurney’s portrayal of Amicia. Charlotte talks about her experiences in bringing these two heart wrenching but beautiful stories to life.

Hannah talks about the journey of playing the games live with an audience, and managing her community whilst exploring the world of A Plague Tale.

This episode looks at specific themes of joy, grief, desperation and family within the Plague Tale universe, dissecting the Charlotte’s personal highs and lows, and how the game connected so many players.

This podcast is split into two parts; the first part being spoiler-free, and the latter going into detailed spoiler territory.

What is A Plague Tale about?

Follow the grim tale of young Amicia and her little brother Hugo, in a heartrending journey through the darkest hours of history. Set in 14th Century France, players will follow along the De Rune family’s story whilst solving survival puzzles in a rat-infested new world.

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