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Safe In Our World Encourages Players To Be “Safer Together” In Its Largest Fundraising Drive For Mental Health Month

Safe In Our World has announced its biggest fundraising drive yet, as it aims to increase awareness, promoting positive discussions and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health during Mental Health Month. Videogame players, developers or publishers wishing to support the charity are encouraged to register for the Safe Together fundraiser by visiting the fundraising page on Tiltify.

Throughout the Month of May, Safe In Our World will be encouraging players and creators to talk to friends, colleagues, or a professional; because talking is the first step to getting support.

Getting involved in the #SaferTogether fundraising event during May could not be easier. If you’d like to broadcast a stream, organise a co-op play-together or host a mental health discussion with your colleagues, we encourage registration via the fundraising page, or to get in touch directly with Safe In Our World.

Safe In Our World recently launched its first public Discord server: #SaferTogether at London Games Week. The server is designed to provide a public platform for gamers and industry to connect, find players for multiplayer games, discuss games, and be a safe community for all to talk or find resources.

Safe In Our World is funded solely by donations, receiving no government grants or funding, and Mental Health Month is vital in securing funding for the charity to continue to reach its goals and expand its operations through essential programmes already in development, such as the Community Manager’s Mental Health Course course funded by Jingle Jam and other upcoming much needed initiatives.

To help the charity reach its aims, there are a number of activities taking place in May in collaboration with Tiltify, beginning with a week-long celebration of gaming with patrons, ambassadors, supporters and Level-Up partners.

An all-star cast of community streams from patrons such as Hannah Rutherford, and partners such as GameByte, Wired Productions and Curve Digital will be hosting a Safer Together week of fun and games as the main fundraising activity from May 1st – May 7th.

As part of our fundraising drive this year, we’re offering Safe In Our World limited edition merchandise for those that hit fundraising milestones, including a 2021 #SaferTogether Pin Badge, Safe In Our World facemask/bandana and a Safe In Our World Reusable Coffee Cup.


For the remainder of May we’ll be looking to share and continue to spread the message that we are #SaferTogether and will continue to rally for mental health to be normalised within general discussion.