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Safe In Our World Charity Bundle 2024

We will once again be launching our annual charity bundle with Fanatical in early 2024, and we’re looking for partners to get involved!

Our 2023 bundle sold out in a record 24 hours, raising almost $100,000 for Safe In Our World, and we’re excited to see the momentum carry on to the 2024 bundle.

Why get involved?

In our 4 years operating as a charity, we have:

  • Enrolled 150+ Level Up Partners (over 50,000 employees) to connect them with training and support resources
  • Signposted life-saving resources to over 1/4 million gamers
  • Delivered over $250k free training
  • Provided free mental health training for 350+ Community Managers from 26 countries & 175 people in under-represented groups
  • Launched a mental health video games themed journal called Sidekick
  • Hosted a Mental Health in Games Summit with BAFTA
  • Co-launched an anti-toxicity campaign with Ubisoft, creating the Good Game Playbook
  • Created free mental health resources tailored to the games industry including on Menopause, Neurodiversity, Crunch and more
  • Delivered talks at GDC, Develop: Brighton, BAFTA
  • Been featured on renowned TV, radio and news websites highlighting our work

Previous Partners

We’ve worked with over 40 partners on our previous bundles, creating fantastic line ups of games and DLC, with all funds supporting mental health support in the games industry.

Get Involved in the Charity Bundle 2024

We’re looking for Bundle Partners for 2024! If you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved and support mental health in the games industry, reach out to the team here.