In A Taste Of The Past, players will step into the shoes of Mei, a shy, Chinese-American high school student that is dealing with the sudden passing of her mother.

After Mei loses her mother’s recipes, she embarks on a train and realises that her ancestors have also boarded as well. Through talking to her family she will learn and uncover her mother’s recipe for traditional noodles while also learning self-love, grief and healing.

“Experience a story of growth through reliving precious moments with family and cooking. A Taste of the Past is a relatable and touching journey about holding those you love close.”

This is a game that personally hit home in a very real way, the stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Developer Sondering Studio beautifully crafted an experience that shows you their way of dealing with grief.

Through the story, its design, the music, everything about this game provides a very heartfelt experience.  Mei’s journey is one that will resonate with many and helps open your eyes to others’ experiences of grief. Through the game, you will experience cooking mini-games that brings you closer to your mother in a thoughtful way.


  • Take on mini-games to learn the recipe
  • Experience a heartfelt narrative about grief
  • Stylized hand-drawn art
  • Original voice acting, writing, art and music

You can experience A Taste Of The Past HERE.

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