No Man’s Sky is a procedurally generated Universe with over 18 Quintillion planets to explore – build bases, take on missions, hang out with friends or go it solo, No Man’s Sky has it all. 

No Man’s Sky is perfect for taking a break from the struggles of reality as it features a universe worth of content, regular updates, and has a strong community behind it.

The No Man’s Sky universe is a feast for players that love to explore – with so many planet variants, you’ll discover the most amazing and bizarre places you’ve ever seen. From strange fauna and flora to scan and register, locations with stories to uncover, and interesting NPC’s – exploration is a joy. You can also name everything you discover and it will get stored in the database. Planet Safe in our World, anyone?

For those who want a more action-orientated experience, you can take to space in your ships and hunt down pirates, help freighters in trouble or even become a pirate yourself. For Sci-fi fans, players can now explore derelict freighters with friends and investigate what happened to the crew. 


  • Explore an infinite universe that is always evolving
  • Single-player and multiplayer
  • A huge amount of interesting lore
  • Unique graphics and design
  • A universe worth of content and regular updates