Psychotic Bathtub is the story of an escalating mind… and ducks.

The game deals with a psychotic disorder in a small space. Players will take on the role of Ophelia in her bathtub and interact with the environment. Players will argue with a rubber duck, drink wine, and add more bathwater throughout the game. Each of your interactions threatens to escalate and each action has consequences.

You might accidentally drown your duck, the wine could into poison, and the bathroom is flooded and so you move through the disorder towards different endings. Psychotic Bathtub is a multilinear indie story game in development. Its most recent prototype offers four different endings and a playtime of up to thirty minutes. 

Psychotic Bathtub is a game that offers multiple choices and tries to see what you will decide to do in this scenario that you find yourself in with Ophelia and her duck. With up to four different endings and each action having a consequence, which path will you choose?


  • A beautifully hand-drawn art style
  • Multiple choice
  • A powerful story that delves into mental health disorders

If you want to try the game out for yourself, you can do so HERE. You can also check out more of our Mental Health Related Games and Apps HERE.