Rainbow Billy: The Curse Of The Leviathan puts players into the shoes of Billy.

The day was a day like no other – everyone was happy, celebrating and being kind to one another. Positivity was in the air and nothing could ruin it until the Leviathan arrived. The Leviathan unleashes their evil powers and zaps all the colour, positivity and kindness from the world, leaving the fate of the world with you and your friends.

To restore and help your friends recover, you must talk and listen in a unique twist in turn-based combat: by talking and listening. This will restore them to their usual selves and in turn, they will help you on your quest.

It’s an imaginative way to teach players of all ages about empathy and understanding feelings, instilling methods to notice when their friends aren’t quite seeming themselves, as well as self awareness and reflection on their own mood.


  • A wonderful story about friendship, positivity, empathy and understanding
  • A unique art style that is a joy to look at
  • A fun game for all ages that puts a spin on turn-based combat