The Samaritans Self Help App is designed to help people keep track of their mood, discover new ways to try and tackle the problems that have arisen, provide techniques in trying to overcome them and overall be able to find a way to progress forward. You can check it out here

During the start of the pandemic, it wasn’t just the coronavirus that was taking its toll on people: mental health cases were also on the rise. In an uncertain time, we were locking down around the world, with many finding themselves cut off from local services. On the 18th of May 2020, the Samaritans came up with this useful app to help as many as they possibly could.

One feature within the app that we love, is the Crisis Planning Safety Plan. It allows you to remind yourself of things you can do to stay safe if you’re thinking about harming yourself, or find yourself in a crisis. Whilst having spaces for individuals to write things that give them hope, relaxation techniques, warning signs and even people that can help, it’s an incredibly important resource for people to have prepared in case they need it.

Mental health minister Nadine Dorries at the time of release said: “During these extraordinary and unprecedented times, it’s so important we look after our mental health and wellbeing as well as our physical health. Each and every one of us knows the steps we can take to look after our emotional wellbeing but this app will be a fantastic resource for anyone struggling during the outbreak or looking for additional support, and I’m sure will make a real difference to so many people.”

To this day the app is still a brilliant resource for tracking mood, being able to pinpoint the next steps forward and plan it out in a less overwhelming way. Due to the simplicity of the app, even in the most stressful of situations, the mood recording is very simple and accessible.

Key Features –

  • Track your mood daily to notice the patterns
  • Read up on self-help techniques
  • Record what is going on to help ground yourself and figure how to move forward
  • Create a safety plan for crisis planning

“Be kind to yourself every day.
Use our self-help app to track your mood and find practical tips and techniques to look after your emotional health.”