Are you facing a chronic or serious illness? Do you feel depressed? Or could one of your family members or a friend use some emotional support? Do you want to know what it’s like to be in that situation?

This game gives you useful questions to explore and strengthen yourself while playing a game.

Explore the mysterious city of Shadow’s Edge and the worlds of Disruption, Disillusionment and Discovery. Write about what happens to you, how you feel and create art with easy-to-use graffiti stencils, stickers and colors to express yourself. Or just search the pages of the lost book. It all helps your city come back to life.

“Shadow’s Edge helps me relieve stress, cope with my challenges and feel less alone in my struggles. I felt as if the questions in the diary had been written for me.”
Katrina, 23

Shadow’s Edge provides a unique digital safe-space for players to learn how to process their thoughts and feelings, and begin to heal emotionally and move forward from their trauma. It harnesses the power of technology and psychology and delivers the content right where young patients are – on their phones, playing games. It fill the gap in the way emotional health is delivered to young patients around the globe by creating engaging digital content and tools that guide young patients through their emotional journey, building strength through it. The game puts content, community, psychology, and technology together to support patients and families.