Virtual Cottage is a free experience on Steam providing a cosy space to be productive.

Welcome to your Cottage!
Please stay as long as you like and enjoy a cozy, distraction-free environment.

Have you been putting off doing some important tasks for an unforgivable amount of time, and want to finally circle back to them? Virtual Cottage provides an environment to help you along the way.


  • Relaxing Lo-fi soundtrack
  • Optional weather sounds to add to the atmosphere
  • Customisable ambience including weather, music and companion pet
  • Timers to commit to tasks
  • Inbuilt to-do lists to keep you focused

We love to see free tools being provided to gamers to improve focus, and allow tasks to seem a little less daunting, which is why this game is on our list of mental health related apps. It can often be overwhelming to commit to one task at a time and focus on things when surrounded by distractions, especially with people who have ADHD for example. Let us know if you find tools like this helpful to concentrate!

You can find an hour of Virtual Cottage streamed to YouTube below to see whether you think you’d like to spend some time in your own virtual cottage.