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Community Managers Toolkits

We’ve been working really hard to support community managers in our industry through our Mental Health First Aid for Community Managers training with Mind Fitness – and now we’ve got a brand new toolkit!

We’re releasing a CM Mental Health Introduction toolkit which provides 10 useful tips for self-care and mental wellbeing, and an overview of the full course. Any CMs who have completed the course will also receive a CM Mental Health Companion toolkit to support them and their communities after completing the training.

The introduction toolkit is available to download for free.

If you’re a Community Manager, aspiring Community Manager, or just want some guidance on setting boundaries and practicing self-care, please take a look.

Click here for more information about our Mental Health First Aid for CMs course.

Download the Community Managers Mental Health Introduction Toolkit

an a4 pink page, with yellow and blue wavy lines in the corners, and outlines of controllers in the background. In white, the title reads ' Community Managers Mental Health Introduction'. There is a SIOW logo and a Mind Fitness logo beneath. There is a black and white outline of a femme person with short curly hair crouching . at the bottom, there is a banner with www.safeinourworld.org written.

The Companion toolkit acts as the companion to the full course, which is also free of charge.

We’ve trained over 250 CMs since the course began last year, and we’re so excited to continue to equip CMs with the tools they need to support themselves and their community appropriately.

The role of the Community Manager can seem limitless and, without clear frameworks and defined expectations, the internal and external demands can also be overwhelming. Managing online communities presents significant challenges that require a confident set of supportive peer skills. Community Managers also need to know about the relevant professional resources available to them should they need to refer people onwards for support. Safe In Our World has developed a course, in conjunction with Mind Fitness, that will provide the knowledge, confidence and practical skills for delegates to be able to effectively set boundaries, provide non-clinical Mental Health Support and know how to take care of their own, and their community’s wellbeing.