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Celebrating our 3rd birthday at Safe In Our World

We are delighted to celebrate our 3rd birthday at Safe In Our World on World Mental Health Day 2022.

We can hardly believe it’s been three years since Safe In Our World launched, and just how far we have come since then. Let’s take a look at some of our key achievements, as well as some exciting announcements.



Ambassadors: Class of 2023

We are launching our new Ambassador Programme, sponsored by TechRaptor. This is an annual programme, where we will be announcing a new class of Ambassadors at the end of each calendar year to represent us in the following year.

Applications are now open for the Class of 2023, where we will be looking for engaged and passionate individuals to represent Safe In Our World. Read more about our Ambassadors here. Apply now!

Become an Ambassador is written in block in white. Beneath is a series of illustrated characters in front of a pixel explosion. There are illlustrated stars, and objects (mic, rocket, headphones, controller) in the background. Sponsored by Techraptor.

Press Pause

This Friday, we’re starting our Press Pause charity fundraiser, to celebrate our anniversary! We’re inviting you to join us and press pause on life by pressing play in-game.

It ties in nicely with our theme for October: Reflection and Self-Compassion.

Learn more about Press Pause on our Tiltify Page or our news article.

Press Pause with Safe In Our World is written in black in the centre. There is a yellow background with clouds, and a pause button image in the middle. On either side, there are illustrations of a person playing an arcade machine, and console with controller in pink

Community Manager Mental Health Guide

We’ve been working really hard to support community managers in our industry through our Mental Health First Aid for Community Managers training with Mind Fitness – and now we’ve got a brand new resource!

We’re releasing a Community Managers Mental Health Introduction toolkit which provides 10 useful tips for self-care and mental wellbeing, and an overview of the full course. Any CMs who have completed the course will also receive a Community Managers Mental Health Companion toolkit to support them and their communities after completing the training.

an a4 pink page, with yellow and blue wavy lines in the corners, and outlines of controllers in the background. In white, the title reads 'Community Managers Mental Health Introduction'. There is a SIOW logo and a Mind Fitness logo beneath. There is a black and white outline of a femme person with short curly hair crouching . at the bottom, there is a banner with www.safeinourworld.org written.

The introduction toolkit is available to download for free here. If you’re a Community Manager, aspiring Community Manager, or just want some guidance on setting boundaries and practicing self-care, please take a look.

For more information about our Mental Health First Aid for Community Managers course, go to our training page

The video

Check out our brand new video filmed at Develop Brighton this year, where we interview games industry folk and gamers alike on why games matter to them.

It wouldn’t be an anniversary without a teaser into what is coming soon, would it? Let’s just say, maybe we will have something irl for you to get your hands on in 2023.