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Death & Bereavement

This month, we’re focusing on Death and Bereavement, and how we can use games to supplement healing during times of grief and vulnerability.

We’ll be highlighting grief-specific resources to support people, looking at games that explore death in a positive or empathetic way, and host discussions on the links we can draw between games and bereavement.

Death and Bereavement

Bereavement is something that everyone will come across and experience at some point during their lives. And yet, it’s still a topic that causes uncomfortable conversations, and can be considered taboo.

At Safe In Our World we want to embrace these conversations and bring them to the forefront of conversation. Experiencing bereavement and death can have a huge emotional impact on us, and for many people, using games as an outlet or escape is a key part within the process.

Your grief might feel chaotic and out of control, but these feelings will eventually become less intense, you might feel:

  • shock and numbness
  • overwhelming sadness, with lots of crying
  • tiredness or exhaustion
  • anger

There’s no time limit on grief and this varies hugely person to person, if you’re experiencing bereavement, you’re likely to go through all these stages, but you won’t necessarily move smoothly from one to the next:

  • accepting that your loss is real
  • experiencing the pain of grief
  • adjusting to life without the person who has died
  • putting less emotional energy into grieving and putting it into something new



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We also have a list of global support lines that we’ve collated to support you if you’re in need.