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Experience 12 Survey Research Shows Playing Video Games is Beneficial for Mental Health

At the beginning of July, pop culture marketing agency Experience 12 conducted a survey that revealed the positive impact video games have had on the public’s mental health during the pandemic.

With over 3,000 participants, a whopping 97% found that playing video games has been beneficial to their mental health during this time. 

64% of those surveyed said that playing online has significantly helped them remain connected throughout lockdown, helping to ease the feeling of isolation and positively impact their mental wellbeing.

The research also revealed that we have been spending more of our spare time immersing ourselves in other worlds. 33% are playing more than 20 hours of video games a week, compared to 14% before lockdown.

At Safe In Our World we believe that video games have an important role to play and this research is an important step to showcase the strength of the medium’s impact on our mental wellbeing. Our very own Leo Zullo, Chairman of Safe in our World commented on the Experience 12 research and said:

“This survey shows the vital importance of gaming to billions of players around the world, and to their mental health. To see such an emphatic impact the worlds we create has on our players is heart-warming.

“There is much to do in encouraging those suffering to talk, but to know that games can help and encourage positive mental health, gives our industry affirmation that we’re on the right track. This survey is an essential driver for the research Safe In Our World intends to facilitate”