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Gaming Industry and World Health Organisation unite to launch #PlayApartTogether

The games industry is uniting together, along with the World Health Organisation, to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many gaming leaders including Activision Blizzard, Amazon Appstore, Big Fish Games, Riot Games, Twitch, Unity, Zynga and more, are all jumping on board to provide positive ideas and activities during the spread. They aim to help assist the WHO’s directions in hygiene, respiratory etiquette and physical distancing. 

Through helping to launch the #PlayApartTogether campaign, WHO has clearly seen the benefits that games can provide to people during this uncertain time. And while a lockdown is in place in many countries, the games industry is working to prevent a complete social lockdown for many. The companies behind the initiative have set up in-game events, rewards, exclusive activities and inspiration through the medium of video gaming, to help convince people to stay home and follow the guidelines. 

President of publishing at Zynga, Bernard Kim, said of the cause:

“Our company’s mission of connecting the world through games has taken on a new dimension during the global crisis.” Expressing the honour in supporting WHO’s work, he said the aim is to provide “our players with a support system during this period of physical distancing. The #PlayApartTogether initiative activates positivity and community that can help us commit to the urgent task at hand.”

Ray Chambers, United States Ambassador for WHO, said he applauds the “ingenuity of partners from all sectors who are stepping up to assist in efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.” He thanked the games industry for playing their part, sharing his hope that the #PlayApartTogether campaign “encourages even more people to stay safe and healthy while they help flatten the curve and save lives.”

You can get involved in #PlayApartTogether too. Ubisoft are currently offering Rayman Legends for free on PC for a limited time, while OverwatchLeague are calling for gamers to share their gaming setup and favourite moments. Check out the hashtag on Twitter and see what games publishers and developers are offering. 

Like the many games companies involved in #PlayApartTogether, we fully encourage all players to follow health and safety guidelines for COVID-19. Stay home and play safe. You can read our tips on COVID-19 Isolation here.

For health and safety advice from WHO, you can read more here.