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Play Meadow from developer Might and Delight on steam this weekend to help support Safe in our World

Developer Might and Delight, creator of Tiny Echo and the Shelter series celebrates it’s 10th anniversary with its biggest play event in Meadow this weekend. Meadow is an online fable experience where players come together in a peculiar world. From today until midnight on Sunday 25th April, Meadow is free on Steam, and sales from every other Might and Delight title will be donated to Safe in our World. If players exceed 10,000, Might and Delight will donate a further 25 percent to the charity.

To download Meadow for free, head on over to the Steam page here.

Anders Westin is the CEO of Might and Delight, and he had this to say: “In its four years Meadow has been something of a haven for players who enjoy a game world that’s not overwhelmed with millions of players and where exploration and not questing is the focus. In these days of lockdown and isolation it is more important than ever to get people together through games, and most especially in games that encourage kindness and collaboration. There’s never been a sharper focus on how gaming can contribute towards positive mental health. Our appreciation of our community and all that they bring to our games is exactly why we are where we are today – working on our next Shelter game and preparing for release of online RPG Book of Travels, a project that wouldn’t exist without Meadow fans. Now that our immediate friends and family are out of reach, we want to invite people to get together in Meadow whilst raising awareness of the part gaming can play in wellbeing and of the work Safe in Our World are doing for just that.”

Might and delight ten year anniversary

It means so much as a charity to be approached by a developer like Might and Delight, and we’re incredibly grateful for their support. It’s humbling to receive messages every day from those thanking us for what we’re doing, but our work is only just beginning. We have so much to achieve, and we’re going to achieve it together as an industry; as gamers.

Enjoy Meadow this weekend, and keep talking to one another – there’s nothing more important in the challenging times that staying connected, however you can.