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Student Toolkit Launched in Collaboration with Grads in Games

We’re delighted to release our Student Toolkit, made in collaboration with Grads in Games!

You can now download the full toolkit, which covers mental health, self-care and employability skills for students looking to enter the games industry.

What’s in the toolkit?

Within this toolkit, you’ll find information on common issues in the games industry, such as anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome and burnout. We offer tips about how you can practice self care and get support as a student.

The toolkit also offers advice on careers, with resources such as:

  • How to build a CV
  • Portfolio advice
  • Where to find jobs
  • How to ace the interview process
  • Resilience when looking for work

We provide some additional resources within the student toolkit, and hope that the guide will offer a great deal of support and information for the future of our games industry.


Why is it important?

Good mental health is crucial to being able to thrive in life.

According to a study in 2020 by Randstad, 37% of students reported deteriorating mental health. 

Students are particularly vulnerable to mental health struggles as they’re often living away from home and dealing with the stresses of adult life for the first time. On top of that, the demands of coursework, exams, and other pressures in higher education can be immense.