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Accountability & Setting Boundaries with Blizzb3ar

Episode 12

In this episode, Rosie chats to Blizzb3ar, Producer and Content Creator at Rooster Teeth, Twitch Partner and Bisexual Villain (Icon).

We discuss his path into content creation, as well as his motivations for getting into Twitch and the relationship he has with his community. Blizz talks about how his mental health has been affected by content creation, both positively and negatively, as well as having a platform to be unapologetically bisexual and unapologetically Black on the internet.

We discuss how we can set and practice boundaries within internet communities, and the requirement to have a willingness to learn and move forward. Blizz outlines the difference in ‘calling in’ vs ‘calling out’ when creators make mistakes, and the importance that they both play.

The importance of having things that are yours, rather than content, is also talked about with the focus on separating work, content and personal life.

Stardew Valley once again comes into conversation as a game that means a lot to Blizzb3ar – which was the beginning of his journey in creation from initially streaming it on his Xbox. As many other gamers have found from Stardew Valley, it became a community to find other players who were part of the queer community for example.

Blizz talks about the fact that he hasn’t yet found a character that he sees himself in within the gaming world, and the importance for character representation and having a fully diverse range of people in marginalised communities.

We also touch on what we’d like to see from companies when working with creators.


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