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Charity Streaming with Hannah Rutherford

Episode 4

On this episode of the Safe Space podcast, Rosie and Jake chatted to Hannah Rutherford on all things charity streaming.

We get into some of the evolution of games, from Mario is Missing to Lara Croft, as well as the struggles that individuals face when creating content and how we can take care of ourselves. As a long-time streamer and Patron of Safe In Our World, Hannah Rutherford is passionate about charity, known for supporting a number of causes throughout the year. She also highlights the importance of mental health, both in and out of content creation.

Rosie, Hannah and Jake dive into nostalgic gaming and how games have been within our lives from a young age. We also chat about the ins and outs of charity streaming, from a creator perspective such as Hannah’s as well as a charity point of view.

How can charities do more to work with creators who support them?

What can creators do to make charity streaming a little bit easier for themselves?

How can creators take care of themselves better in charity streams?

Have a listen to the episode below, and find out whether there are things you could be implementing in your charity stream to help you along the way.


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