Another Day is a narrative driven game that portrays the daily struggle experienced by those living in isolation in a claustrophobic environment during lockdown while experiencing depression and anxiety.

The aim of the game is to try to stay on top of an ever increasing list of daily tasks as you battle your internal conflicts. The team at Safe In Our World found that Another Day is a great window into what having a mental health problem can feel like, especially whilst living alone during the lockdown.

The game was part of the Cornwall House exhibition during the G7 Summit in 2021. Check out the team’s Twitter, YouTube and Dev Log for future updates.

We spoke to the Another Dollar Studios team in this interview discussing the reasoning and motivations behind making ‘Another Day’.

You can play Another Day for free on

Content Disclaimer: This game contains depictions of isolation and mental illness, namely depression and anxiety. It is not intended to be a fun experience, and some may find these depictions distressing.