How To Say Goodbye is a story about a character that has recently passed away and turned into a ghost. As a newly made ghost, players are lost in an unknown world populated by other spirits. How To Say Goodbye tackles grief but in a beautifully crafted way, with kindness and understanding. In the little warning message, the game explains the game’s intentions of being a story that hopes to relate with some but might hit home for others.

Players will navigate through different levels with different themes throughout the game to help them find their friends who are prisoners of a mysterious wizard and accompany them on their journey to the other side. Players must go through different puzzles to get through the doors at the end of each level while the evil dark forces called spleens to try to cement your existence in a space between life and death.

We feel this belongs on our list due to the way it handles life and death in a narrative sense it explains things beautifully and pushes you to go forward throughout your playthrough. The puzzles are soothing and the atmosphere of the game is relaxing from the slow pace and the way the developers have crafted the experience.

Key Features

  • Relaxing puzzles
  • A heartfelt story
  • Beautifully handcrafted design that keeps you wanting more

You can find How To Say Goodbye HERE.

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