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Press Pause with Safe In Our World

To celebrate our 3rd birthday this October, Safe In Our World present a new fundraising event: Press Pause.

Press Pause is about the idea of pressing pause on life by pressing play in-game.

Escapism is a huge part in why so many gamers use games as an outlet when they need a break from reality. At Safe In Our World, we embrace using games to escape when we need to, as they provide a healthy outlet to process difficult emotions, even if it’s subconscious!

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At Safe In Our World, our mission is to create and foster worldwide mental health awareness within the games industry.

We’ve achieved a lot in our first 3 years at Safe, but we need your support to continue making a difference.

What have we done so far?

  • Enrolled 100+ Level Up Partners and connected them with resources and training to better support their teams.
  • Signposted life saving resources to over 15,000 crisis helplines visitors, and ¼ million website visits.
  • £100k of free training has been delivered to the industry so far.
  • Committed to training 350 Community Managers in a free mental health training course. We’ve trained 200 already!
  • Created an inclusive and supportive Discord community to openly discuss mental health and games with 800+ members.
  • Maintained a podcast eliminating the stigma around mental health through the power of discussion and storytelling.

So Press Pause with Safe In Our World & Make a Difference Together.

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