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Turn Work Into Play: Safe in Our World Collaborates with Family Video Game Database

Safe in Our World have collaborated with Family Video Game Database to curate a list of games focused on the stresses of working within the gaming industry and how you can wind down.

Family Video Game Database is created by a small enthusiastic team of parents and carers. The database allows the user to filter by PEGI or ESRB rating, duration, genre, theme, platforms, number of players or even those that don’t have in-app purchases.

It also promotes inclusive games, by having built-in accessibility filters to allow for gamers who may have difficulties in using controls, reading or hearing.

The games in this list offer space to reflect and escape work for a while. But not only to get some distance, but to play something that shines a light on why we do what we do. Some address the world of work directly, while others enable us to consider our choices about how we spend our working hours.

Whether it’s escaping for a lunchtime walk with A Short Hike. Trying to manage crunch time with Going Under, or not succumbing to Tom Nook’s invitation for ever bigger mortgages in Animal Crossing, there are lots of games that can help us find some balance.

Other games, like Coffee Talk and Neo Cab help us consider the people we serve at work. This might be conversations with customers, but also the other people we work with in the office or workplace we find ourselves in. Like the game Good Job encourages us to do.

Then there are games that make us aware of our co-workers. Whether it’s collaborating to identify and store stock in Wilmot’s Warehouse or getting the furniture into the van neatly in Moving Out, how we work together and treat the people around us is important. 

The Games:


A Short Hike | Going Under | Animal Crossing | Neo Cab | Coffee Talk | Mini Motorways | Mini Metro

Wilmots Warehouse | Good Job  | Moving Out | Kind WordsPatterned 

View the list on the Family Video Game Database and explore more games.

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