Community Treatment Orders (CTO)

A community treatment order (CTO) is part of the Mental Health Act. A CTO allows you to leave hospital and continue to be treated safely in the community rather than in a hospital.


Who would a CTO be considered for?

A community treatment order can apply to a service user who is currently detained on section 3, 37 or similar of the Mental Health Act and who have a history of disengaging from services, leading to a readmission to a hospital.

It ultimate exists to support those service users remain well and stable within the community.


Continued support

Through the care programme approach (CPA) your local mental health team should offer you support with your mental health when you are back in the community.

By receiving a CPA, it means that you will get a care coordinator and a care plan. Your care plan will detail your day to day needs for treatment, care and support.


Not following CTO conditions

Your responsible clinician (RC) can bring you back to hospital if you do not follow the conditions of your community treatment order (CTO).

Going back to hospital is known as being recalled. Doctors will not recall you as a punishment.