We’re highlighting The Safe Place, an app designed by Jasmin Pierre.

The Safe Place is a Minority Mental Health App geared towards the Black Community. African Americans are 20% more likely to experience serious mental health problems than the rest of the general population. However, many Black people still do not wish to seek professional help for their mental illnesses.

Through this app, Jasmin offers talks to companies to help educate them on an array of issues that Black people can face throughout their lives and better ways to help. Jasmin also covers universities on talking about wellness programs and trying to diversify within the communities. Health professional talks about helping people learn more health about a lot of issues to help educate them. These issues include:

  • racial trauma in corporate settings
  • social justice
  • burnout
  • incarceration and mental health disparities
  • youth mental health
  • meditation

The app goes into the history of issues that the BIPOC communities have gone through and what effects it has had on them in all sorts of ways, including some of those mentioned above.

Within the app there are podcast episodes, a comic book and a Chat Wall in which people can be themselves in a safe place and chat with others.

The Safe Place contains a list of SAFE Support groups from Victims Of Police Brutality, Racism in the Workplace, Colorism and Featurism, Black Moms and Post Patrum Depression, Black LGBTQ+ support groups, Hair Discrimination, Surviving Family Abuse, Healthcare Discrimination, Support After A “Karen” Interaction and Substance Abuse Support. Also included are poll results on racial trauma to help see the statistics and it also has Inspirational Black Quotes for those who may need them. 

Other sections consist of ‘Racism During the Pandemic’ which goes into many issues the communities have faced through that, but also it allows people to send emails in and try to help grow this section, it also takes stories that people have of their experiences. The app also contains a mental illness list of descriptions with Clinical Depression, Post Partum depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Suicide and Prevention and ADHD. The app features a massive array of uplifting information and signposts appropriately.

Key Features of The Safe Place

  • An empathic app with support and resources
  • A simple design that is easy on the eyes and easy to navigate
  • A lot of empowering and useful information
  • Courses on helping educate universities, workplaces, youth and more